Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

  • What are your support hours?
    A: Our support office is open 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. est weekdays. But we can fulfill orders 24/7.
  • What paperwork is required of us?
    A: Our standard service agreement and credit application. You can receive both by contacting us or visiting the Let’s Get Started Page.
  • How do we deal with drug testing and background screening?
    A: We only provide vetted, ready to go workers.
  • How do we deal with taxes, wages, insurance, etc.?
    A: The employees provided to you are W-2 employees of Hospitality Staffing Solutions. Payroll is handled as with all of our employees.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

  • Are there any job perks available to me?
    A: HSS OnDemand positions are short term, however, Hospitality Staffing Solutions places workers into long term assignments. Please contact your branch office for more details.
  • How soon can I be placed into a position?
    A: Upon applying with Hospitality Staffing Solutions, you will be placed into a qualifying position as soon as one becomes available.
  • Can I become a full-time employee?
    A: Please contact your branch office for more details. Your application can be reviewed for long term staffing needs as well.
  • What types of jobs are available?
    A: Hospitality Staffing Solutions is the premier solution for staffing back-of-the-house hotel, resort, and casino needs.
  • How do I apply, and what kind of paperwork do I need?
    A: Please visit the Let’s Get Started page  to enter your employee information. A Branch employee will be in touch to assist with completing your application.
  • How can I download the app?
    A:You can download the HSS OnDemand app by going to the Google Play store and the Apple App store.