The traditional method of working with seasonal and last minute bookings is to scramble to ensure staff levels are met. Set a strategic plan in advance by setting up your HSS OnDemand account today.

Handle last minute bookings faster.

New  tools are needed to respond to seasonal rising demand. HSS OnDemand is the right tool to provide a less time consuming and efficient response.  Use HSS leading hospitality focused service to help you to deal with last minute booking.

Find the best candidates near you

Using our technology we will link the closest verified HSS candidates via GPS to your location for assignment.With our advanced escalation system we are able to provide to you the best candidates for your positions, based on previous experiences at your brand, time of experience and previously reviewed performances.

Do not put your Quality and Performance at risk

Get the help you need quickly and protect your Quality and Performance. Deploy your added work force to the planned originally schedule. Seamlessly keep delivery of services timely and consistent.

Set funtionality to allow for multiple requestors at your property

If you have a need in multiple Departments. We can configure multiple Users to request candidates at your property using HSS OnDemand.

We take care of Compliance for you

We protect you the consumer and HSS by only allowing Activated and Verified HSS Employees to be part of our service. Our candidates are not contractors or 1099 employees but actual HSS employees.