HSS OnDemand: 6 Month Update

As HSS OnDemand approaches the six month mark since its initial launch in February, Hospitality Staffing Solutions is proud to report on the constant growth of the hospitality industry’s first on demand staffing platform. HSS OnDemand allows hospitality industry businesses to request short term staff on demand to meet the industry’s fluctuating staffing demands caused by occupancy spikes, special events, unexpected call offs, and other unforeseen events. HSS OnDemand began with pilot launches of the app in Orlando, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland.

Since its initial launch, HSS OnDemand has gained nearly 1,000 registered users across its active markets. HSS OnDemand is currently in the process of launching in three new areas—Panama City, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, and Colorado, with launches in additional cities expected within the coming year.

Not only has HSS OnDemand expanded geographically across the United States, but the app is also expanding into new job functions and industries. The app’s initial focus was providing back of the house staff members to hotels, resorts, and casinos across the U.S., however, HSS OnDemand is currently expanding its reach to provide staff for front of the house positions, such as cashier roles, as well as staff for light industrial roles.

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